This club shall be known as the Ruth Kelso Renfrow Art Club.






Its object shall be to promote the activities of the St. Louis Art Museum and to pursue an art program.  It shall be non-partisan and non-sectarian.






Section 1.  The membership of the Club shall be limited to one hundred ten (110) members.  After the limit is reached, an applicant’s name shall be placed on a waiting list to be presented for membership in the order received.


Section 2.  Prospective members shall be twenty-one (21) years old and shall be invited to two (2) business meetings before a request is made to  join the Club.  A prospective member shall not attend the meeting at which her name is presented for membership.


Election to membership shall be by ballot and acceptance shall be by unanimous vote of the members present.  If one dissenting vote is cast, the name of the prospective member may be presented one month later.


No member shall present the name of more than one (1) prospective member during the membership year.


*Section 3.  Any former member requesting reinstatement must comply with qualifying conditions listed in Section 2, Article III.






Section 1.  Annual membership dues shall be thirty-five ($35.00).  An initiation fee of five dollars ($5.00) from new members is payable with the first year’s dues.


Section 2.  The Club fiscal year shall be from June 1st to May 31st.


*Section 3.  Current dues are payable on June 1st of each year and delinquent after June 30th.  Members who are delinquent are not guaranteed that their name will appear in the Yearbook.


It shall be considered that members entering the Club after February shall have paid their dues for the next year.






Section 1.  The elective officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Section 2.  Officers shall be elected annually at the April meeting and installed at the May meeting.  The office term begins the day of installation in May.


Section 3.  The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers and the immediate past president.  A quorum shall be three (3) board members.


Section 4.  Any vacancy except that of the President shall be filled by the Executive Board.


Section 5.  The Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the President.




Duties of the Officers


Section 1.  The President shall preside at all meetings.  A written agenda shall be prepared for each meeting, one copy of the agenda to be given to the Secretary.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.  The President shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for in the By-Laws.


Section 2.  The Vice-President shall in the absence of the President or upon the President's request, perform the duties of the President and assist the President.


Section 3.  The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings.  The Secretary shall present a copy of the minutes to the President prior to the next business meeting for the preparation of the agenda.


Section 4.  The Treasurer shall collect all dues and monies; and, shall pay all bills as directed by the President upon approval of the membership.  The Treasurer shall make a written financial report for each business meeting and a consolidated annual report at the close of the fiscal year.  Members will be given a receipt for dues paid by cash or by request of the member.


Section 5.  The Executive Board shall serve as the administrative authority between membership meetings.  All actions of the Executive Board in this interval period must be presented to the membership for approval at the next business meeting of the Club.






Section 1.  There shall be a meeting monthly as printed in the yearbook.  Business meetings shall start at 10:15 a.m. with adjournment at 12:00 noon following the program.


Section 2.  A special meeting may be called at any time by the President; by three (3) officers of the Club; or, by a majority of the membership of the Club.  Four (4) days notice of the meeting must be given to each member.


Section 3.  A quorum shall consist of fifteen (15) members, of which number two (2) shall be officers.




Nominations and Elections


Section 1.  A Nominating Committee consisting of three (3) members, one of which must be a past President, shall be elected at the February meeting.  The committee shall elect its own chairman.


Section 2.  The Nominating Committee shall present one (1) candidate for election to each office at the March meeting.  Nominations may be made from the floor at the March and April meetings.


Section 3.  A candidate for the office of President must have been a member of the Club for at least two (2) years and have served on the Executive Board for one (1) year.


Section 4.  A member who is nominated by the Nominating Committee or nominated from the floor must first give her consent to serve if elected.


Section 5.  Election shall be by ballot of those members present at the April meeting.  A majority will elect the nominee.  If there is only one (1) nominee for an office, then a voice vote may be taken.


Section 6.  No officer shall be eligible for the same office for more than two (2) consecutive years.






Section 1.  Appointments to committees shall be made by the President and approved by the Executive Board.


Section 2.  A committee shall consist of one (1) member but not more than three (3) members.


Section 3.  The Executive Board at the beginning of each membership year shall provide a directive for each Standing and Special Committee and monitor all budgeted allowances.


Section 4.  Each committee chairman must file a brief summary of the committee's activities with the outgoing President at the end of the fiscal year.


Section 5.  Standing Committees shall be:


  Audit Hospitality
  By-Laws Membership
  Cheer Yearbook


Special Committees may be:


  Bridge Roundelay Installation of Officers
  Christmas Party Playday




Parliamentary Authority


Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the proceedings of the Ruth Kelso Renfrow Art Club, subject to the special rules in the By-Laws.




Amendment of the Articles of the By-Laws


The Articles of the By-Laws may be amended at any time at any meeting by two thirds (2/3) vote of the members present provided that a written or electronically-transmitted notice of the proposed amendment or revision shall have been submitted to the membership at least twenty (20) days prior to the vote.




Standing Rules


Standing Rules may be adopted at a business meeting by a majority vote of the members present.  Any standing rule proposed by the Executive Board must be ratified by the membership.  Standing rules come in as main motions and can be rescinded by a majority vote of the members present.




Dissolution Clause


The Ruth Kelso Renfrow Art Club uses its funds to accomplish the objectives stated in the By-Laws, Article II; therefore, no part shall inure or be distributed to the members when or if the Club is dissolved.  Any funds remaining shall be given in bulk to the St. Louis Art Museum as a Cash Donation or to purchase an Art Object in the name of the Club.  All members must receive notice of such dissolution.


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* NOTE:  See Standing Rule 23