1. The President shall call a meeting of the incoming Officers and Committee Chairmen after the May installation and before the end of June.  The date, time and place shall be determined by the President, and may be held at the Friends Room, if convenient.

  2. The St. Louis Art Museum Liaison to the Club shall be an invited guest to a special event.

  3. Checks may be signed by either the Treasurer or President.

  4. Upon the death of an active member or of a Past President, whether the Past President is an active member or not, the Club shall donate a twenty-five dollars ($25.00) memorial to the St. Louis Art Museum.

  5. When necessary and at the discretion of the President, correspondence to the Club received by the President shall be brought to the attention of the Club

  6. Notices of Special Committee events shall be mailed to members by the Chairmen.  A reminder that dues are payable on June 1st shall be included on the May Installation notice and the notice shall include the names of the officers to be installed.  The Playday notice will include a Membership Renewal Form.

  7. The President, together with the officers, shall be the Telephone Committee.  An automated telephone calling system may be used in lieu of the Telephone Committee.

  8. The regular monthly meeting, when at the St. Louis Art Museum, shall be on the first Wednesday of the month.

  9. Installation of officers is to be conducted by a Past President who shall be appointed by the Executive Board and who shall be called the Installation Officer.

  10. The following items shall be budgeted at the beginning of the fiscal year and presented to the membership at the September meeting and no later than the October meeting:

  11.   Income: Memberships
    New Memberships 
        Bridge Roundelay Participants
        Carry Over Funds

    Expenses: Museum Membership 
    RKR Yearbooks
        RKR Roundelay Prizes
        Special Committee Expenses (Christmas, Installation, Playday)
        Gifts (Memorials, Cheer, etc.)
        RKR Administrative Expenses (Copying, Postage, etc.)
        Outgoing President’s Acknowledgement Gift
        Carry Over Funds for the Next Fiscal Year
        Art Museum Gift Fund
        Luncheon or/and Graduation Gift for RKR Scholarship Student
        Luncheon Invitation for the St. Louis Art Museum Liaison

  12. Any expenses other than items included on the Annual Budget shall be recommended by the Executive Board and ratified by the membership.

  13. All arrangements for Playday shall be the responsibility of the incoming President and the outgoing President and shall be approved by the membership.

  14. At every business meeting the Membership Chairman shall provide an attendance register for members and for guests.  A copy of each attendance register will be given to the Secretary and the Membership Chairman.

  15. Year Books shall be given only to members whose dues have been paid.  Additional copies may be purchased at cost from the Treasurer.

  16. Business Procedure:  The following business agenda shall be observed:

  17.   Call to Order
      Pledges of Allegiance
      Collect or Invocation
      Reading of the Minutes
      Report of the Treasurer

      Reports of Committees
      Standing Committees
      Special Committees
               Bridge Roundelay
               Christmas Party
               Installation of Officers
      Unfinished Business
      New Business
      Election of Officers (April meeting)

  18. A written statement regarding a prospective member must be presented to the Membership Committee Chairman by the sponsoring member and read to the membership on the day of the vote.

  19. Guests at all meetings and social functions must be at least 18 years of age.

  20. The President's Pin shall be handed down to the incoming President.  The Treasurer shall purchase a St. Louis Art Museum Shop Gift Certificate for the outgoing President.

  21. The President, or the President's designee, may attend the Washington University function honoring our RKR Scholarship Recipient.  Our RKR Recipient may be invited to the Christmas Luncheon, and/or upon graduation presented with a St. Louis Art Museum Gift Certificate at the discretion of the Club.

  22. The By-Laws Committee shall review the By-Laws at the start of the fiscal year.  The Parliamentarian shall be a member of the committee.

  23. After consulting with the Art Museum Liaison, the President and the Executive Board shall present donation suggestions to the membership no later than the March Meeting and a vote taken at the next business meeting.  There need not be a donation every year.

  24. Delinquent dues may be paid without penalty if they are paid on or before October 1st.  If paid after October 1st, then the member will pay the five dollar ($5.00) additional charge a new member pays.  A member is considered "a former member" after missing one year of membership dues.

  25. There will be no meeting of the Club if the Parkway School District is closed due to bad weather.

  26. In the event that an Immediate Past President cannot serve on the Executive Board, the President will ask the next former Immediate Past President to serve, proceeding historically until one is found.  If the President serves a consecutive second term, then the Immediate Past President will serve a second year.

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